Today's Typhoon Looks Like A Black Hole From Space. Wait Until You Zoom Out!
April 1, 2015 #peaksandvalleys
By CollectivePress

Astronauts stationed onboard the International Space Station took some astounding photographs of the 'Super-Typhoon' Maysak and it's cavernous eye today. 

Astronaut Terry Virts even said "It seemed like a black hole from a Sci-Fi movie".

This photo shows the edge of one of the International Space Station's gold/black-colored solar panels. The eye of the storm looks like an infinite hole from this angle, with a deep shadow hiding the eye.

The partial-oblique view shows phenomenal and complicated texture deep within the eye.
NASA / Terry Virts

This oblique shot, taken in the morning sun, shows the ominous-looking feature, caused by the morning sunlight creating long shadows across the eye of the storm.

And finally, here's the view as the Space Station was rather far from the vortex of the storm. This is not a Typhoon that I'd want to explore on Earth...

This storm is no joke - it's one of the strongest typhoons in recent history. Yesterday it slammed into several Micronesian islands and is currently on track to collide with the Philippines. Luckily, it's losing strength as it approaches the Philippines, but it still poses a huge threat all cities and people in it's path.

Stay safe out there, folks!
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